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Battle of Britain--Epilogue
Rating: R (language and sexual situations)

Author: [ profile] morgan72uk and [ profile] rogoblue

Summary: We take a peek in at Laurence and Adelle a few years later.

Previously in Battle of Britain:

Chapter 25

Words: 6,100.

Spoilers: Few and far between, if any.

Disclaimers: The toys are Joss Whedon’s. The idea is ours.

Author’s Note Number 1: This fic is done but the editing process is again proving slow due to real life interventions and a significant time difference between England and Michigan. However, we do plan to post as quickly as we can. The story is AU and set during WWII. As such, certain elements of characterization had to be tweaked to allow Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic and the rest to fit into a 1940s setting. Also, the role Adelle DeWitt occupies is based loosely on the role of an actual woman. Finally, [ profile] morgan72uk did her best to keep us tracking actual historical events in a big picture fashion as we went along. The story of the SOE and its agents is fascinating and well worth investigating further if you’re interested.

Author’s Note Number 2: This story was written in this manner. Portions told from Adelle DeWitt’s point of view were written by [ profile] morgan72uk and those told from Laurence Dominic’s point of view by [ profile] rogoblue. As a result, we decided to leave the UK spelling in Adelle’s section and Americanized spelling in Dominic’s sections.

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