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Fic: You Will Be My Downfall
Title: You Will Be My Downfall
Author: [ profile] leanstein
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sex, violence
Word Count: 10984
Betas: many thanks to [ profile] tenacious_err who looked this over and to [ profile] rogoblue for the lovely beta work
A/N: little bang, written for the [ profile] het_bigbang challenge 2012
Summary: (AU) In light of the Rossum Corporation running the world, an undergound resistance was formed. The leader of the resistance may or may not be Laurence Dominic-- and this is the task handed to Adelle DeWitt: Gather information and proof about Dominic and ultimately bring the resistance down. Little does Adelle know what the truth really is.

But their story is poetic in a way-- one served with the bitterest of ironies. 

or read it over @AO3
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