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Love's Labour's Won
I've been a bit late to the party concerning Dollhouse, having only started watching the show on DVD in 2013 but I almost immediately jumped on the glorious ship that was DeWitt and Dominic's epic relationship. My twinsister [ profile] twinchy took a bit longer to convince, years to be exact. (Not that she denied the awesome chemistry both actors/characters had with each other but she never got into the "shipping" part of fanfiction.) Yet as of January 2016 with much nagging and boring her needlessly with exploints into DeWitt/Dominic fanfiction, of which I can honestly say that I read and re-read almost every single one available to me, she now decided to board this particular ship.

Of course I directed her towards this community in a matter of seconds and especially pointed her towards the fanfiction recommendations!

BTW, one of my New Year's resolutions is FINALLY sitting down and writing up the two fanfics I have scetched out with the draft sitting on my computer for going on two years now.
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